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What is SIP?

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In gold SIPs, a fixed amount is invested regularly into digital gold.

Benefits of SIP in Gold:

  • You can start small.
  • As it is Digital Gold you have no issues of storage.
  • The volatility is low.

Aureana makes gold coins SIPs simple and accessible. With us, you can start your journey by investing in gold coins with an amount as minimum as INR 500. With no obligation, at any time, you can redeem these gold coins in their authentic form straight from your Aureana’s personal e-wallet. 


Start with completing this form. Once done, login and click on SIP. On this page, you can select the category of your choice; pick from ‘Buy in Grams’ or ‘Buy in Rupees’ your preference, then press ‘Buy Gold’ and complete the payment. Congratulations! You have started an SIP in Gold.

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Buy Gold of Minimum ₹500 & Store in SIP

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