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A sister company of Jeman Enterprises, Aureana was founded by Akash Jadhav in 2011, after learning the nitty-gritty of the business under the mentorship of Mr. Ashok Jadhav (owner of Jeman Enterprises).
What we do : At the core of Aureana rests wholesale and retail of Gold and Silver. We bring the ease of purchasing gold and silver online. With our easy to use e-commerce setup, you can buy gold and silver within a few clicks. The purchased precious metal then will get deposited in the Digital Gold Wallet. And whenever you require, you can withdraw your digital gold and silver directly from your digital gold account, and we will deliver it in physical form. Range of our offers doesn’t stop here. Our platform also lets you invest in digital gold and silver by using a Systematic Investment Plan. You can use our flexible SIPs as per your needs. It’s a simple but effective investment instrument to multi-fold your savings over a period. Importantly, there is no lock-in period, so you can sell or withdraw your accumulated gold/silver at your will—this is an absolute peace of mind, isn’t it?
We are Affordable! The high price of gold and silver may hold back many from investing in precious metals. Aureana’s Digital Gold Wallet cuts cross this barrier and gives the option to buy gold and silver from prices as low as INR 500!
We Mint Customize Coins as well! Our customized gold coins take pride in its elegance and stunning quality. If your company is looking to recognize the hard work and success of a champion employee by giving gold coin, or you require a bespoke imprint on them for an auspicious occasion, or you wish to engrave your company core value, mission, or logo on a gold coin, we will mint it for you. Our highly skilled artisans and technical experts allow us to cast a gold coin of an infinite range of designs and specifications.

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Trusted & Certified Gold Coins

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Secure & Safe Transactions

Flexible SIP available on app & Website

100% Pure & authentic Gold Coins

Safe & Secure

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Awesome Customer Support

Best Customer Services to our clients

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