It is a way of investing with Aureana, in which you can start a Gold Systematic Investment Plan (Glod SIP) by fixing a monthly amount of your choice. Simply, you will be buying gold for an amount consistently, and whenever you want, you can redeem it in physical form.

The gold you buy or invest in virtually is Digital Gold. You can buy it online, and you have no physical possession of it. But anytime you can transfer it to physical form.

The Gold is 24 K pure and holds a certificate by 3rd Party Testing authorities. The certificate guarantees the purity and wipes out any possibility of fraud.

With us you can start an SIP starting from as low as Rs.500, if want to scale the amount you can as you desire as there is no maximum threshold.

There is no minimum lock in period you can redeem your Gold anytime.

You can visit our website and sign up to purchase or download our Android or IOS App to begin your Gold investment journey.


After an order is placed successfully, it cannot be cancelled.

To access your invoice, login to your account and browse the order section. We also email an invoice after every successful order.

You can view your holdings by logging in to your account on the website or on the app.

We have no option for opening a joint account; you can open only individual accounts.

The Gold you accumulate is stored in safe custody with us. The gold is covered in storage and rapid transit when you arrange delivery.

No, The gold associated with the accumulations in your account is separate from the other assets of the Jeman Enterprises. IDBI Trusteeship Services Limited, an independent trustee, acts for and on your behalf. The gold purchased by the Company associated with the accumulations in your accounts is held with the Custodian. When you ask for delivery, the requisite quantity of gold will be removed from the Custodian and delivered to you through a reputed courier service. Since the Security Trustee has a charge over the gold, any unlikely adverse event happening to Company will not affect the gold associated with the accumulations in your account. Further, the title of the gold clearly rests with you and the physical gold stored with the Custodian on account of SafeGold customers is not an asset of SafeGold in any way. (This is a common FAQ answer; see if it fits in Q&A.)

We insure it for you with the company that offers secure storage and has a global insurance plan that covers the gold you store in their vaults.

There is no maximum or minimum period for gold storage with Aureana.

In case of any uncertainty with your account your gold is safe with us and you can easily redeem it anytime you want by simply logging in to your account.

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